Painting Performance by Leon Tarasewicz

On Friday at the Artists Square was held an opening of the latest painting performance by Leon Tarasewicz. The installation space, the biggest of the artist’s career, visited the night dozens of inhabitants of Kielce and distinguished guests from across Poland and foreign. Everyone wanted to see how look the walk through the endless maze of mirrors and colors. Reactions after leaving were as different as people are different - from "gay giddy" after a total surprise. Unusual impressed by the deposition of contemporary art in the neighborhood of 300-year-old Bishops' Palace.

The maze of mirrors and colored columns viewed all in awe, because something like that, have not seen yet in Kielce. Once again, thanks to the passion of Tomasz Tworek we became the capital of Polish art. After Venice, Barcelona and Milan Leon Tarasewicz wrote his greatest work of construction waste, paint and mirrors in our city.