"Wandering of iron men" at the Artists Square

On Saturday, October 10 at the Artists Square in Kielce appeared a group of 21 iron men. The event inaugurated an exhibition of Zbigniew Frączkiewicz called "Wandering iron men."

This is a great artistic event could not take place without the financial support and the originator of the project, the President Dorbudu Tomasz Tworek.

The exhibition started with the process of installing sculptures with music and with the use of light effects. The artist personally managed the whole action of the cabin specially prepared "Traktor of Iron".

"Wandering of iron men" is one of the most important cycles in the Polish contemporary art, yet one of the least frequently presented. Kielce will be the first in nearly 10 years Polish city hosting an exhibition of sculpture as Zbigniew Frączkiewicz able to now watch mostly in big cities in Western Europe .

The exhibition was a great success.