About The Foundation

The New Space of Art Foundation was established on the initiative of the Dorota and Tomasz Tworek whose achievements to date in the presentation of art in public space in Kielce and the desire to create a sustainable and dedicated to this subject entity structure resulted in the establishment of the Foundation.

The purpose of the Foundation is co-shaping of public space, both through public presentations of interesting and innovative art projects and designer, as well as attention to the existing industrial heritage and cultural objects. Founders, aware that the quality of public space and the presence of objects of artistic value, cultural, post brownfield sites affect the perception of the city of Kielce and the Holy Cross region in Poland and abroad, as well as due to the continuous development of human capital, Holy Cross Province continuously support creative artistic initiatives, as well as the most interesting phenomens of contemporary art. Undertaking most fully expresses the passion of the Founders is organized every year by their artistic event of the "Art in the public space."

One of the many forms which are used by the shaping of contemporary art in public spaces, are widely understood art installations. This form of art, not very popular in Poland, an important addition to the urban human environment and, thanks to the Foundation enters into the public space of Kielce. Art in the public dimension gives a person the opportunity to interact with the work and its creator, creating at the same time the need to stop and contemplation.

The Foundation is committed to the task of promoting art and culture in the local community, creating a space for discussion and development of culture and art in its various aspects and participation in projects that promote arts and culture in the region.

The Founders believe that culture should inspire people to cross borders, and at the same time by storing it in a public space has the potential to become an integral part of life of the inhabitants. Art has a unique power extraordinary strength to connect and overcome barriers. The benefits should be used, because the inclusion of art in the area of public space is essential for the creation of an open society, and as such is invaluable for building awareness of art and artistic taste.